Sacramento California

A Great City in California.

Most people understand that it takes a team to be successful in business and broadcasting. We are not different here, as we also have partnerships around the world. However the most prevalent is in Sacramento, California.

For the companies there who’s helped support us through the tough times, we like to give them a big round of applaud from the bottom of hour hears here at YourFM.

Sacramento Businesses Rock

We will add more to this page with time, but for now we just want to give a shout out the businesses which impacted us the most. The first of which is an Sacramento SEO marketing firm, which has donated countless hours of marketing support to promote our brank. We wouldn’t be where we are today if not for the help and support of their generosity.

Of course we can’t do without our favorite Sacramento screen printing and embroidery shop. Those guys are the ones who came through for our t-shirt fundraisers.

Places to Visit in Sacramento

Sacramento Downtown

We’re not all about business here you know. We do like to take off our ties and have some fun as well. Last summer we took a trip there to the river city and had a blast. It’s known as the river city because the Sacramento and American river interest right in the middle of the city. Sacramento is also known as the city of tree, and believe us if you think there’s a lot of trees up here, there plenty down there as well. Here’s a list of places to visit if you are ever in the city.

  1. Railroad museum.
  2. State capitol
  3. Midtown – known for restaurants and culture
  4. Cal Expo
  5. Napa – wine tour
  6. Bodega Bay – two hours west on the coast. This stretch of beach is a site to see.

If you’re done with those places, there’s also Lake Tahoe to the north which sports awesome skiing and one of the biggest fresh water lakes in the world.

There’s also the Bay Area south which sports a culture of its own.

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