We would like to personally thank the sponsors below for their generosity. Support like theirs is what keeps us on the air.

FM Radio Station Fundraiser

Kids are the ones we leave the future to. They’re also the ones we should care the most about in the present. Our kids’ well-being is something that should be a top priority for everyone and a quality education of the children is of vital importance for all of us. When you think of school, you think of books, pencils, friends and school-trips. The sad thing is that some kids don’t have the money to go on school trips, or even afford their very own school supplies. Some of the things that would make these kids very happy – they can’t afford. But we can help them!

If you’re a generous person and wish to help the kids, you can join other big-hearted individuals in the YOUR FM Radio Fundraiser. By participating in the FM Radio Fundraiser for school-kids you can provide these kids with the necessary things that they can’t afford. The main goal is to provide kids in less prosperous parts of Sacramento, California with the adequate school supplies and maybe even send them on trips with their friends, something they’ve probably wished for a long time. For every dozen T-Shirts bought, you make it possible for a few kids to go on school-trips with their friends and have a proper education with the school supplies they’re lacking. Imagine the joy on the kids’ faces when they find out a generous person has paid for their school-trip.

Marketing Genious

The fundraiser revolves around selling custom t-shirts provided by a Sacramento marketing company. The t-shirts are high quality and 100% cotton. The people over at Comp1 also do screen printing, embroidery and decal design. Their website is equipped with an easy-to-use t-shirt customizer that allows you to add select from a range of pre-made t-shirt designs and even make you own t-shirt with a custom quote. Thanks to Comp1 because, without them, this fundraiser wouldn’t be possible!

So if you consider yourself a generous person and want to help kids, or you know someone that fits this description – try out the FM Radio fundraiser! The kids will surely be thankful for all of your help and you will be helping America by providing it with better educated people in the future. The t-shirts are something you will be able to comfortably wear with pride, knowing that you helped a kid somewhere get through school a little easier!

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